About us

Hedo-Bec Engineering and construction ltd occupies the frontline position in the EPC and I industry as a result of its deliberate disposition in ensuring that it represents the best of the industry through perfectly harnessing the combinatory supply of both her human and materials resources available in her workforce for optimum project execution while ensuring a commensurate satisfactory level of her complete personnel makeup. In achieving this, a first rate service delivery is guaranteed with spill offs of professionalism and excellence.

Trusted by the best

At hedobec, we recognize engineering design as a key marker in the success of a project. Our inventive, team of engineers, project managers and technical support collaborators work to provide engineering designs using best equipment, software and manufacturing ERP System.


We have full capacity to carryout exhaustive engineering designs for storage tanks and steel structures. We work round the clock to provide steel detailing services to the required quality and accuracy.

  • Engineering Design
  • Procurement/ Supply
  • Manpower Supply
  • Instrumentation
  • Piping
  • Logistics & Management

Commitment To Work

To provide quality, cost effective,
reliable and global standard value added services to the oil and gas industry,
maritime, energy and construction locally and internationally.



Values is one thing that is not negotiable in a civil society; it forms both social and corporate fabrics of the society. In HEDO-BEC E & C LTD, we stand for Honesty, Integrity, Justice, Respect, Knowledge, Safety, Quality, and Collaboration. Within our corporate environment, our culture which is founded upon these values is practically contagious to intelligent observers.

It is our aspiration to meet all clientele expectation through swift, safe and quality delivery of CLIENTS products through efficient project management with total respect and partnership with her host communities.

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